The Youth Services SIG is one of seventeen Special Interest Groups of the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE). Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are established by the ALISE Board of Directors to respond to special and unique membership concerns (see Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1).

The mission of ALISE is to promote innovation and excellence in research, teaching and service for educators and scholars in Library and Information Science and cognate disciplines through leadership, collaboration, advocacy and knowledge creation.

Membership in the ALISE Youth Services SIG is granted to ALISE Personal Members who have a special interest in research, teaching, and service in the field of LIS (Library and Information Science) Youth Services. Personal Member status can be granted to any individual who has an interest in the objectives of the Association.

Youth Services encompasses the areas of Public Library Youth Services, School Library Youth Services, and Youth Literature. To explore the variety of subgroups within our membership, please visit our Members page and explore the “areas of interest” listed by individual members.

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